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Say Good-Byes To Your Messy Clunker With The Best Damaged Truck Removal

A damaged truck is undeniably a stressful and worrisome situation for the owner- whether out of prolonged use or involved in a crash.

Many scam truck buyer companies are likely going to take advantage of the situation and trick you into spending hundreds of your hard-earn.

But have you ever imagined not only enjoying free damaged truck removal but also earning big bucks for it?

Yes, companies like Cash for Trucks NZ have a reputation for offering 100% Free Damaged Truck Removal, Towing and Pick-up near me in New Zealand. And that’s not it. They also pay you top cash for it.

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Largest Damaged Truck Buyer In New Zealand

Our wide loyal fan base coupled with our large fleet of tow trucks make us the biggest damaged truck removal service provider across New Zealand. The best part is, the entire process is hassle-free and convenient while guaranteeing top dollar.

How Much Cash For Your Damaged Truck Will You Get?

Even before the idea of selling any asset crosses your mind, the first question that pops up is, “how much money will I make?” The same holds true for your truck.

So, the following are a few key indicators that essentially dictate your damaged truck’s worth:

  • Make: Different trucks brands of the world are valued differently based on their functionality, fuel efficiency, weight, size, metal quality, durability, and so on. So, if you own a truck, say of American or German make, which is valued higher in the market than others, then you will naturally be paid more.
  • Model: This goes without saying- the latest the model, the higher it will be priced and vice versa.
  • Age: Of course, who would be interested in paying a higher bid for an old hunk? The newer the truck edition, the more you can expect the payment.
  • Size, Type and Weight Limits: These factors are pretty obvious again. Certain large trucks, including those commercial and heavy-duty with huge cargo capacity are worth more than the medium or light capacity and pick-up vans.
  • Overall Condition: The general state of the truck also has a great say. The more pristine the condition and the optimum the functionality, the more likely it will be sold for higher price.
  • Your Location: The truck’s location is also a crucial determinant because the greater the travelling distance, the more you are likely going to be charged by the buyer or tower.
  • The Demand for Spare Parts: Even if your vehicle is in bad shape, truck owners must consider selling to wreckers to win a higher bid if the parts are working and genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions

My truck is accidental. Will you still remove it?

Yes, we buy and remove all conditions of trucks- roadworthy or not, dead or alive, running or non-running, old or new, accidental, written-off, junk, scrap and so on. In short, we are not bothered about the state of your truck and provide damaged truck removal services regardless.

My damaged truck is no longer in running condition. And, I cannot deliver it to your scrap yard. Can you pick it up?

Yes, of course, we can. We provide free towing and pick-up services for all damaged trucks throughout New Zealand. Just schedule a date or time of pick-up convenient to you and let our team know.

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We Buy All Conditions of Trucks

Whatever the condition of your truck, our damaged truck removal will take it off your premises and recycle it in the best possible manner, including the ones with mechanical issues or involved in accidents.

We Buy All Makes and Models

We don’t pay heed to the vehicle’s make, model, or condition. Our portfolio is big enough to accommodate any truck from 2-tons. And in return, we will pay a fair and highest cash for your damaged truck

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