What Is Better Than Selling Your Junk Truck For Highest Cash In New Zealand? Buyers Up To $12,000 Cash

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A truck turning junk would most probably have costed you something. Whether in the form of repairs, upgrading, fixing the faults, or so.
You plan to sell it but certainly not willing to shell out even more money in having to get rid of it- whether in the form of advertisement or towing fees.

So, what to do?

Fortunately, there is a best cash for junk truck New Zealand services, ready to provide free junk truck removal and towing.
With over a decade of serving in the field, Cash for Trucks is the pioneer of the junk truck industry in New Zealand. We have acquired a long-standing reputation for providing unbeatable cash for junk truck coupled with exemplary customer service by our trained professionals.

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Reasons To Opt For Cash for Junk Trucks New Zealand

We bet you are unlikely to find a cash for junk truck service, of a calibre parallel to ours. Following are our incredible service perks:
  • We will buy trucks in any condition, make or model.
  • We are famous for our high cash for truck offers.
  • We make the process fast, easy, and convenient by paying you on the spot.
  • We bring over a decade of experience in truck recycling and wrecking.
  • Only driver’s license/I.D. and Proof of Ownership required.
  • We accept running or non-running, wrecked, old and accidental trucks.
  • We will take care of all the paperwork.
  • We pay more cash for trucks than any of our competitors.
  • Providing 100% free towing and removal of trucks in New Zealand.
  • Serving in all major cities of New Zealand, including Auckland, North Land, Hamilton, Otago and Tauranga.
  • Our drivers can pick up the truck within 24 hours.
  • We are playing an inevitable part in preserving natural resources by putting all the wasted scrap materials into good use.
Want To Sell Your Unwanted Truck In New Zealand

Our Green Junk Truck Scrap Yards

Now nature-enthusiast customers do not have to fret about their trucks being carelessly dumped in landfills or littering a clean area. In fact, as a responsible Junk Truck Disposal facility, we will scrap your junk truck to regain, reuse and recycle all the valuable metals while carefully disposing the hazardous waste.

3 Tips To Remember Before Your Used Truck Removal

  • Verify buyer’s authenticity.
  • Remove all your belongings.
  • Receive your payment first and then hand the keys

To Get Your Top Cash for Junk Car Today!

Do you feel stuck in a situation where you are clueless about how to move forward with a junk car?
Well, you are not alone.
Now you have got the back of Cash for Trucks New Zealand.
We specialize in buying damaged, wrecked, salvaged, end-of-life trucks and 4WDs or commercial vehicles! So, ring us up at 0800 666 881 or 021 136 8523 or email us at [email protected] and speak to one of our junk truck experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have lost the Certificate of Fitness. Can I still sell my junk truck in New Zealand?

Yes. Cash for Junk Trucks will buy trucks with or without a Certificate of Fitness. No matter the vehicle is functional or non-functional, dead or alive, wrecked, scrap, damaged or written-off, we will buy nonetheless.

How will you pay me if I sell my used truck?

We pay top cash in hand for used trucks on the spot. However, if customers prefer payment via any other means such as a bank draft, cheque, or wire transfer, we are ready to accommodate that.

How It Works?

Hunting for the best cash for your junk truck is no fun- from compiling all the documents to arranging for towing services, meeting random strangers, and filing paperwork.

The ordeal seems painful. No?

Worry not! The leading Cash for Truck New Zealand service is here to turn the tables.

We are the perfect resort when you wish to sell my junk truck near me in New Zealand, the absolute quick and easy way. Let’s quickly review the steps:

All Conditions Of Truck Accepted

Besides buying junk trucks, we also accept other conditions of trucks- including but not limited to:

Types of Trucks We Buy

We Buy The Following Popular Pickup Trucks Brands

Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Brands

Commercial Trucks Brands